Potassium Permanganate 50g - Tone down your white fabrics and garments. Easy water-based application


Off-White dyeing made easy

Potassium Permanganate is a crystalline chemical used to give white fabrics and garments an off-white colour.

Perfect for 'tea dipping' fabrics, also known as 'teching down'

'Teching down' is when white fabrics appear too white on camera and cause glare meaning they need to be dulled to an off-white colour. Potassium permanganate is a quick solution to this problem.

Fast and easy to use, a little goes a long way! just the tip of a teaspoon is required for most applications. Mixing a small amount of potassium permanganate into water is all you need for a quick and effective off-white or brown colour. The hotter the water and the longer you leave the fabric in, the darker it gets.

When dissolved in water, potassium permanganate is a deep violet purple colour, but upon oxidation, it changes to a  brown ideal for taking the glare off period costume and taking the glare off of whites. An essential for on-screen productions as white is typically too bright on camera.

Potassium permanganate crystals are toxic if swallowed. Store the container away from children and pets. Use with caution. Mix only the quantity needed for your project, and dispose of any leftover dye safely following your local rules.