SWFX Break down Tool Set - A selection of the best ageing/distressing tools


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A selection of our favourite and most used tools for break down, ageing and distressing in a handy tote bag for on-the-go artists.

In this kit you'll receive:

1 Scruffer

1 High quality 2" paintbrush - more information here

1 Retractable knife + replaceable blades

1 Pair of premium dressmaking scissors - more information here 

1 Pair of embroidery scissors 

A selection of small paintbrushes

1 Stitch unpicker

1 Box of pins

A selection of sandpaper

With care, these tools can be used on a wide range of costume garments, set drapes and furnishings to achieve the desired distressed effect.

Caution: This set contains very sharp tools. Use with extreme care. Protective gloves recommended.