Flints Mud - Sponge it. Paint it. Dab it. Fake mud ideal for boots and hems. Easy to apply, fast and effective


SWFX is proud to present Flints Mud in both 250g and 500g tubs. A fantastic choice for costume and wardrobe departments and on-set breakdown artists

A thick fire retardant water based texture that is perfect for creating mud on fabric and a multitude of other surfaces.

Flints Mud dries to a tough but flexible finish - fabrics textured with Flints Mud can be rolled up for transport.

Perfect for boots, trouser turn-ups and almost any other costume or prop.

Apply with a gloved hand or palette knife. Dab a stiff brush on to fabrics, leather, underfelt or carpets. A little goes a long way!

Additional texture can be achieved by applying our puff binder as an undercoat onto items to vary the visual effect.