SWFX Pigment Basic Set - 6 essential colours with eco-friendly Binder FF and Crosslinker to create permanent textile paints


Use this combination of pigment, binder and crosslinker when painting costumes and screen printing onto fabrics where durability is essential.

Our pigment kit includes a selection of all the pigment colours you need to get started in 50ml pots with a 1L pot of our eco-friendly Binder FF, and a 50ml pot of our crosslinker which improves curing time and makes your paints last longer.

After curing correctly, these pigment colours are wash-fast and long-lasting. This is ideal for fabrics used in theatre, where each garment needs to be washed after each show. Great for any application - T shirts, cosplay, and re-enactment

NB: Can be mixed with any of our binders except Metallic Binder A.